Welcome to Telea Vineyards

Welcome to a wine-lover’s paradise. Telea Vineyards – where we are inspiring wine enthusiasts with unique gift items and products to enjoy around the home while sharing wine with friends and family.

We are excited to share our journey with you as we create our own wines and establish our brand. Extensive education is on-going to better prepare for our future in the wine industry.

All Things Wine

Making the most of our wine enthusiasm, our shop provides handmade quality items centered around the idea of enjoying a fabulous glass of wine with family and friends. Wine-scented candles, repurposed wine corks made into amazing wine wall art, wine carriers and glass holders, as well as creative decorative wine glasses, wine tumblers, wine bottle windchimes and so much more.

Wine to me is something that brings people together. Wine does promote conversation and promotes civility, but it’s also fascinating. It’s the greatest subject to study. No matter how much you learn, every vintage is going to come at you with different factors that make you have to think again.
Robert M. Parker, Jr. – U.S. Wine Critic

Reach out to us with any questions or ideas, and we will keep you in the loop as the journey continues.

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