it all started When....

…my wife gave me a wine kit to do for fun. The science behind it and the creativity involved unleashed the wine maker in me. Knowing that together we could make our own wine was thrilling.  I decided to take classes to get as much knowledge as possible on the wine making process. Now the inside of our home looks like a winery.

We have always loved sipping on a glass of wine on the patio and enjoying each others company.  We decided we should go enjoy wine somewhere else besides Texas. Napa it was. After our visit we couldn’t stop thinking of all of the possibilities associated with wine. We started to envision all of the fun and unique things that we could make. This is when we decided to start to take a leap of faith and turn our ideas into a business. 

We look forward to sharing our passion with everyone.

Where we are Today

We are well on our way to creating our own wines and wine brand! While our education and preparation is on-going, we are excited about the adventure ahead and sharing the journey with you.

Along the way, we are inspiring wine lovers with unique products and gift items for your times of sharing wine with friends and family – enjoying encouraging conversation, laughter and love.

Thank you for joining us for the journey.

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